Kato Manufacturing releases standard conformity new model power shovel REGZAM series 12t class HD512-7 specific special car exhaust 2014


Kato Manufacturing released HD512-7 as new series of Excavators REGZAM since October, 2018 in Japan. HD512-7 features in a urea SCR system, so HD512-7 can reduce NOx greatly. This has a latest engine approved by Act on Regulation, Etc. of Emissions from Non-road Special Motor Vehicles on 2014. This has a good fuel efficiency system approved by METISVE, so you can expect better fuel efficiency and operability for powerful work. Annual Sales Goal : 2.5 millions

  • 1.Good fuel efficiency and eco-friendly to environment

    latest clean-engine approved by Act on Regulation, Etc. of Emissions from Non-road Special Motor Vehicles on 2014.

    ・Rated Output: 76.4kW/2,000min-1

    ・Maximum Torque: 367N・m/1,800min-1

    100%(☆☆☆) approved for Act on Regulation, Etc. of Emissions from Non-road Special Motor Vehicles on 2020

    This machine meets the standards 100%(☆☆☆) approved for Act on Regulation, Etc. of Emissions from Non-road Special Motor Vehicles on 2020 by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. Also, recorded 3% better fuel efficiency compared to other machineries in Rentracks(used on A mode).

    Using SCR reducing 88% NOx in emission gas

    Has big volume of tank for urea water(55ℓ), so need to supply only 1 time compared to 4 times on average work.

    Kato’ own efficiency technique grades VE of NETIS

    Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism highly values a fuel efficiency system while idling as “VE”. The effect was confirmed not only while working but while idling.

    Ultra low noise machine admitted by Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

    HD512 is fairly approved ultra-low noise system on standard of Japanese Ministry

    Number 2017-08

    Higashi-Oi 1-9-37, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo-to

    TEL 03(3458)1111


    2.Better performance

    Better operation feeling

    HD512-7 is adjusted on the spool opening characteristic of the control valve, so it has been improved of the operation feeling such as horizontal pulls.

    Faster front performance

    Thanks to size up of hydraulic piping, it can reduce pressure loss and speed up performance.



    It renovated the new traveling body in the side frame structure of the mud proof one-sided stream shape with a X knee frame, the rigid up of the front idler part

    New front idler

    Made improvements into shock-absorber system combined with adjust cylinder, it makes structure more simple and durable.

    New bucket

    It renovated board structure to improve durability for the abrasion of the pail soleplate. In addition, adjusted the installation bolt of side cutter into the four corners placement and aims for the installation strengthen. Finally, renovated the reinforcement board constitution of the reinforcement type pail (option) and adopted the stiffening plate. It can be put on for only damaged part.


    4.Easy to maintain

    Spectacular durable new bush

    Adopted renewed model bush of the dimple structure that special surface treatment was put in high durable new bush foot, arm foot, tip of arm. That model keeps grease well, and improve squeal and galling even on high aspect pressure.

    Placement for easy maintenance

    An engine filter, a fuel filter, the hydraulic fluid pilot filter can perform element exchange from the ground by locating it near a side cover.

    Easy maintenance

    By remoting grease up port and nipple of the turning motor speed reducer, it can perform refueling fat work with comfortable posture from the safe place.

    Easy-clean new radiator

    It enables you to clean new radiator by equipping an inspection door for cleaning in the upper side. Also, the frontal protection net against dust is easy to take off facilitated disassembly as a division method.

    Equip battery disconnect switch

    Battery circuit is shipped with a battery disconnect switch with a key for circuit breaker. That adjust makes it easier and safer to cut off the circuit at the time of the maintenance of the electricity system.


    5.Comfortable and safety quality

    New created ROPS cab

    It is equipped with ROPS (rollover protection structure) cab. Newly designed cab improves strength and secures large view.

    One-body polycarbonate window

    It reduces the worry for break window by stepping stone, so you can operate HD512-7 safer by making a door-glass part of the cab one polycarbonate window.

    The engine neutral start mechanism

    The engine neutral start mechanism is adopted to make secure safety when start engine. You can start engine when safety lock lever is on lock position.

    Large steering wheel in conformity with the ISO standard

    It equips a large steering wheel in conformity with the ISO standard on the body right way part and planned prevention of fall while accessing the upper engine cover

    Provide rear view camera

    Rear view camera has been provided to secure high-standard safety while a closing and turning a vehicle. Furthermore, the safety of the right-side surface is secured by attaching an optional side view camera.

    Pressurized cab to prevent dust

    Achieved pressurized system that control an invasion of dust by combining sealing up characteristics and 26% quantity of wind uploaded improved auto air-conditioner.

    New control lever

    Reduce power 25% than ever. It’s easy to handle for log-time operation by renovating grip shape. In addition, natural switch operation was enabled by changing the switch from the conventional parallel sequence to the anteroposterior placement.


    6.New APC7

    Newly designed APC7

    Controller APC7 adopts the color liquid crystal of 7 inches of touch panel-style IPS methods. It enables the monitor which was easy to watch angle of field brightly widely. On monitor screen, each monitor (engine cooling water temperature, oil pressure hydraulic fluid temperature, a fuel residual quantity, and the urea residual quantity) and the change of three kinds of power modes of P A E, an attachment mode change, each touch switch which to operate the air-conditioner are located to improve visibility and operability.

    In addition, it can always display the image of rear view camera and the side view camera (option) in a monitor screen.



    High improvement for vehicle information

    Your PC and smartphones can receive, of course, vehicle location, maintenance information, an error alert via e-mails which was registered beforehand can receive by CAN communication in cooperation with APC7. All information is shared with KATO serviceman and can receive quick support.

    A new entry-system for improved convenience and security

    A door key and an engine start key was integrated by the adoption of the entry system of the IC tag method for easily usability. You can increase IC tags for starts by additional registration.

    In addition, I can register one tag with multiple vehicles and expect better convenience on occasion that multiple vehicles are operated. For safe security, deletion of registration, re-registration of the new IC tag can be done by operator when IC tag for start is lost or stolen.

    HD512-7 Price…¥14,100,000-(Exclude tax)

    Selling starts…November, 2017

Source:Kato Manufacturing