Kato Manufacture released new model 13t angling rough terrain cranes, MR-130Rf / MR-130RfM PREMIUM. It equips a diesel special car exhaust emission regulation conformity engine in 2014.


Kato Manufacture released new model 13t angling rough terrain cranes, MR-130Rf / MR-130RfM PREMIUM since November, 2017.

MR-130RfM PREMIUM equips both a diesel special car exhaust emission regulation conformity engine in 2014 and run safety function and makes it easier to store jib installation.

This is the model that bestseller 13t Rafter evolved. MR-130RfM PREMIUM aims at the safest and eco-friendly

Security of industry and eco-friendly rough sulk, and MR-130Rf PREMIUM aims at the lane crane.

Annual Sales goal: 250 machines

◇6 steps of high rigidity of super boom

・Ability for boom boost

Maximum lifted capacity…13t ×1.7m

Boom length…5.3m - 24m

Maximum lift above ground level…24.8m

◇Maximum offset corner 60 degrees, two steps of high-rigidity boxes type power jib with non- step boom hoisting

・Ability for jib boost

Jib maximum lifted capacity…1.6t× 75 degree

Jib length…3.6, 5.5m

Jib offset angle…It is lift in the 5 degrees - 60 degrees

Maximum lift above ground level…30.3m

◇Improvement for jib performance of the boom intermediate length time

・I can turn down a boom to the jib horizontal neighborhood if I perform below a 16.52m boom even at the time of jib wearing

◇You don’t need to high-place work to install jib storage.

・It reduces the burden on workless vehicle driver

Work outside car: 3 times

Work on upper turning body and the career: No more

◇Outrigger is selectable from an H type and two kinds of X types

・The biggest exhibited excellent work width…………4.75m

The 2017-07

1-9-37, Higashioi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo

TEL 03(3458)1111

◇The eco-friendly 2014 diesel special car exhaust emission regulation conformity engine deployment

・Acquire the designation of the low noise type construction machine

・The highest output…129kW/2500min-1

・Maximum torque…540N, m/1600min-1

◇Entry key system

・It is effective for prevention of theft by managing an engine start with the certification with the IC tag

◇Energy saving function

・It limits maximum engine speed during crane work, fuel efficiency and the noise are reduced by the "eco switch"

◇Improvement of the livability in the cab

・Seat with suspension

・Arbitrary position, fixed new sun sunshade

・It is improved view by large ceiling glass & large size roof windshield wiper

◇Air-conditioning system in the cab

・New air-conditioner

・An option setting combustion-type air heater

It is comfortable at the time of idling by heating

◇Liquid crystalline cluster meter

・Good liquid crystalline color display of the visibility

・Help with energy saving driving by displaying the fuel consumption while running and operation

・Display a message of the vehicle information

◇Electronic level

・The horizontal installation work of the body is facilitated by a body horizontal supporting function

・You can confirm a body horizontal state with COR information display

◇Crane work record device K, COR

・Consecutive record a crane work state to an SD card

◇Clearance sonar system

・The first installation as a crane truck

・The safety improvement while running by the obstacle detection function with the clearance sonar

Speedup correspondence such as in malfunction

◇LED light device

・Hi/Lo reshuffling type LED head lamp

・LED rear combination lamp

・A high- bright LED work light and indoor light

・LED-type ACS outside display unit

・LED-type side marker lamp (equips an under right)

◇Planking made of resin

・In addition to aluminum planking, equips a planking made of resin as standard

◇Various option setting

Digital-ready television broadcast receiving set above the ground

Combustion-type air heater

Door visor

Fire extinguisher

Lunch table

Sound alarm while left turn and back

Radio type rear confirmation camera

IC card system (crane work record use)

IC card leader & data management software


Woodenness planking

MR-130Rf/MR-130RfM is loving name of rafter, and the crane model is KRM-13H

MR-130Rf PREMIUM Price…¥28,000,000-( excluding tax)

MR-130RfM PREMIUM Price…¥28,000,000-( excluding tax)

Sales started…November, 2017

Source:Kato Manufacturing